There is nothing more upsetting and frustrating to a loving owner than a horse that has a particular issue with something that is unavoidable, and can get extremely distressing if the horse has such a problem dealing with a situation that it appears to be quite literally fighting for its life.

Horses that have issues such as not allowing you to touch their legs - a bit of a problem when the farrier comes. Horses being terrified of clippers, and having to be sedated before the hunting season starts, to really spooky horses that can be difficult or sometimes dangerous to ride out. Maybe you have a horse that has an aversion to sheep, bikes, tractors, letterboxes or some other strange phobia.



Some horses that have clearly been mistreated, abused or sadly beaten, can also be helped to overcome their fears. These cases are clearly much more intensive and it is not always possible to completely eradicate their obvious fear, but they can be helped with the help of both Reikki and Equus.



Virtually, all problems can be helped and often completely cured by using Equus as the basis for establishing trust and respect, if the horse is particularly difficult then Reiki can be used in conjuction with training, this has the effect of bringing the horses adrenaline levels down and aiding their ability to then start listening and learning.

Some problems can be addressed in a short one off session, but most take time and patience, and requires active participation of the owner too. We encourage the owners of problem horses in particular to be as much a part of the rehabilitation process as possible.


We have the facilities at Westfields to take your horse and work with it here, and often this is the much better approach, as we can closely monitor their behaviour whilst they are not being worked as well, which provides us with a much more rounded assessment of the horse itself.

Problems we work with include :-


  • Rearing
  • Bucking
  • Napping
  • Will not hack alone
  • Leg handling
  • Clipping without sedation
  • Mounting problems