Reiki and Bowen are both therapy methods which are non-invasive and pleasureable experiences for your horse.


Here at Equusense we practice both, either in isolation or in combination with each other.

Reiki Therapy


Would your horse benefit from bringing their stress levels down, or perhaps some additional therapy to aid an ailment or injury they have?


Reiki is a healing energy which is channelled through the practitioner's hands. The hands are placed on or near the horse with many quickly becoming calm, often going into a deep state of relaxation.


Animals have no dogma or beliefs associated with them other than the beliefs of their owners; therefore. A horse/pony will accept or reject the offer of Reiki. Their sense, whether it is sixth or extra sensory, is extraordinary to us and they are far more able to know what they want and need than we are about them.


Horses tend to regard Reiki along the same pleasure lines as food, hay and grooming…. A must!  So it is quite unusual to find a rejection. A refusal is usually to do with trust and harmony. If this has been lacking in the history of the animal then they wont trust us to do anything for them other than abuse and insult. Reiki will then be given to the situation surrounding and causing the anguish rather than directly to the animal itself. From this the situation can be calmed and toned down to a placid state whereby a therapist can be introduced and balance can be restored to the horse karma and spirit.  This is a common case with ponies that have been brought out from the forests in the drives in the UK (i.e. New forest and Dartmoor).

Weaning Foals


Weaning Foals who need calming and stability in their lives after being removed from the only protection they have ever known, always benefit from Reiki whether it is “situation Reiki,” or, “hands on Reiki”.

Injuries & Behavioral Problems


Equine Reiki has been proven useful in the treatment of injuries and behavioral problems, such as bad backs, wounds, head shaking, and problems associated with past traumatic experience, etc.




Horses can suffer many different forms of stress, which can cause imbalances in various ways. These imbalances can produce sudden out of character habits – rearing, napping or bucking for example.

Reiki helps the body to heal itself, re balancing the areas where it is needed most, it can also be used pre competition, to relax the horse both physically and mentally.  Horses love Reiki, and absorb energy very quickly. They often go into a deep state of relaxation during a healing and are very good at telling you when they have had enough! Reiki can also be given over the stable door, for horses that are very nervous or difficult to handle.


Used hand in hand with our training methods, Reiki proves to be an invaluable tool with some horses that can usually take a long time to ‘come down’ from a specific situation that causes excitement, nervousness or fear, or to ‘de-fuse’ the situation, in order that you can address the problem at hand.


For further information, discussion or consultation with regard to personal circumstances contact us for individual therapy advice.




Equine Bowen Therapy has been adapted from an interpretation of the work of the late Thomas Ambrose Bowen, born 1916 in Geelong, Australia. Tom Bowen was best known for his work with people however; it is also believed that he worked with greyhounds and racehorses.


The Bowen Technique for people was brought to the UK approximately 10 years ago, and has steadily grown in popularity as a holistic therapy. All qualified Equine Bowen Therapists are qualified human Bowen Therapists; therefore they are able to work with horse and rider.


Equine Bowen Therapy is a straightforward, non-diagnostic, hands-on therapy. It aims to structurally rebalance the body by addressing the whole central nervous system. It helps to release muscle spasm, increase circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system.


The therapist performs specific rolling actions over muscles, ligaments and tendons, at precise junctions of the body. The moves are gentle and non-invasive, but can effect changes to deep tissue and all the bodily systems. During the treatment the therapist will take short intervals to allow the body to rest, absorb the vibration of the therapy, and respond. The treatment takes approximately 45 minutes.


Conditions that respond well to Bowen include :-


  • Unlevelness, disunited gait or irregular action
  • Uneven wear of shoes
  • Muscle atrophy or uneven development
  • Stiffness on one rein
  • Head shaking
  • Cold back
  • Sluggish lymphatic system
  • Weakened immune system
  • Filled legs
  • Respiratory problems
  • Uncharacteristic changes to temperament
  • Deterioration of performance