Equus is totally non violent, kinder, effective and quicker way of getting your horse to do what you want it to do.

It is quite simple - you ask, and then make it easy for the horse to get it right, and if it gets it wrong, correct it, and then ask again.

Body language is paramount to the use of Equus

In the wild, body language is the primary method of communication within the herd.


You can even see this if you watch horses in a paddock together. Direct eye contact, standing square, or dropping your eyes and shoulders all have very strong meanings in the horses world.


Most people just read the obvious, ears forward means happy, ears back means beware. There is much, much more than that and if you can read or even better, communicate using this body language you have overcome the biggest hurdle, you are talking to them in their language.


Hence the term 'horse whisperers'. There is no black magic involved it is actually very logical or some might describe it as 'natural'. Though the word natural, when attached to anything equine, seems to be a very misused, but an equally misunderstood term.

"Many people of course achieve wonderful things with horses using the conventional, non equus methods, but a horse doing as it is told, is not the same thing as a horse that has learned to do as it is asked. "

Results achieved quickly and with less anguish.




If the principles of Equus are applied during any process, such as breaking for example, the end result is achieved much quicker, and with far less anguish for the horse and the trainer. It is been demonstrated and proven on many occassions that you take an unbroken horse and have a rider on his back in less than an hour using Equus, and the horse accepts the rider with no question. Using conventional methods it can take days and in most cases weeks to get to that point, and even then the horse rarely accepts the rider as freely as the Equus alternative.  

Common problems such as horses that take three hours to load, or refuse to load at all, are often caused or exacebated by inadvertant use of Equus!


You stand in front of the horse look him in the eye, which tells him to back off, and you then pull, and because horses are ‘into pressure’ animals, he pulls right back. Horses that have never been trained using Equus, often load very well. However, how many of them would load by simply following their owner into the box with no headcollar? Very few, but any horse that has been trained to load using Equus, will load easily with no headcollar, if required.



Equusense also promotes the use of Reiki. This can be extremely effective using it on an excitable horse to facilitate learning, or on traumatised horses as part of their problem equus training.


This is a very simple, non intrusive and extremely powerful process. There is no bodily pressure or manipulation, making it ideal for working with all conditions.



Reiki will compliment and usually help increase the effectiveness of most kinds of treatment and medication. It is a completely safe, natural and holistic.


As with people, your horse will generally feel a pleasant sensation of warmth or tingling in the vicinity of the area being worked on and as the healing energies come into balance, the horse may also feel a deep sense of relaxation and well being.